Fresh Meat For The Horny Coeds

This lesbian hazing video has got some HOT girls on it! These girls snuck into a dorm room at night while their rushes were sleeping and scared the shit out […]

College Girls Learning To Please

this week’s lesbian hazing video winner of the 10,000 had all the right stuff going for it! It had hot girls being put through some real nasty shit by their […]

Nude Coeds Wrestling in the Pool

These girls are pretty crazy.. they were hazing a group of girls to get into their sorority, and they took them up on the rooftop of this building where they […]

Ass to Ass Double Dildo Lesbian Hazing

The sorority sisters wanted to make some fast cash so they decided to auction some of the new girls to the frat-boys. At first the sales were sluggish however once […]

College Girls Hazing Naked in Sority Hazing

They rounded up three female rushes and had them strip down to deliver reward baskets to some guys from the brothering frat. The rushes needed to knock door to door […]

Licking Snatch and College Girl Hazing

Sorority sisters don’t like snitches, when informed on her soon to be sisters missing curfew it was only fair to punish all three of them. So they strip down and […]

Girls Hazing and Face Sitting Lesbian Coeds

The sorority sisters rounded up their new female rushes and had them play a lesbian version of Simon says. So pretty much the rushes needed to strip down and present […]

College Girl Hazing Lesbian Hardcore

These horny college girls were tested on their trust for their beloved sorority. blindfolded and naked they had to play nude Marco polo, not knowing what they would run into […]

College Girls Getting Hazed in the Woods

This hazing video is pretty creepy, and sexy at the same time. These girls are getting hazed at night on some farm or something, and the sorority sisters have dressed […]